Garrett Kelleher is an entrepreneur

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Garrett Kelleher is an entrepreneur whose name is virtually synonymous in Ireland with property investment. He has been working in real estate investment for over twenty years and has a great deal of experience in this field to lend to any project he is working on. Kelleher does believe in diversifying his entrepreneurial pursuits, though, so his businesses are not all in one field. Garrett Kelleher has a number of business holdings in various countries, including in Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, and Ireland.

Garrett Kelleher is not just a businessman, though, he is also known in Ireland as the Chairman of the St. Patrick’s Athletic Football Club, which is one of the most successful association football (soccer) clubs in Ireland. This is a club that was founded in 1929 and still exists today. St. Patrick’s Athletic Football Club is based out of Inchicore, Dublin, and is widely recognized as one of the storied clubs in the League of Ireland, the Republic of Ireland’s highest division of professional soccer. Garrett Kelleher took over at the Chairman of St. Patrick’s Athletic FC in 2007 and his chairmanship has coincided with a revival of the club’s fortunes. Since he took over, St. Patrick’s Athletic FC has been competing in Europe, regularly challenging for League of Ireland championships, and turning out some of the leagues most skilled and valuable players.