Garrett Kelleher is also a successful real estate entrepreneur

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Garrett Kelleher is the Chairman of St. Patrick’s Athletic Football Club, which is generally known as St. Pats FC. This is one of the leading clubs in the League of Ireland, which is the top division of association football in the Republic of Ireland. The club is based out of Inchicore, Dublin, and has in recent years been one of the clubs that is routinely in the hunt for the championship. In 2012, the club finished second on the table and pushed the champions to the very end. St. Patrick’s Athletic FC also qualified for European competition by finishing second. This continues a trend of good results that Garrett Kelleher has overseen as Chairman, since taking over in 2007.

Garrett Kelleher is also a successful real estate entrepreneur. Indeed, he has worked in property development on several continents for more than twenty years. He is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful property entrepreneurs in Ireland. He has been able to work in property development in markets all over the United States and Europe, and especially in Ireland.

Garrett Kelleher is the founder of the Shelbourne Development Group. He founded this firm in the mid 1980s so that he could focus on high quality loft conversions in Chicago. However, it has since gone on to be involved in all sorts of re-development and re-purposing projects all over the United States and Europe.

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